7 January, 2017 02:29

Gene Booth: 20. Chrome: The Visitation 19. Savoy Motel: S/t 18. Mary Halvorson: Meltframe, Away With You 17. Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker / David Bowie: Blackstar 16. Brad Meldhau Trio: Blues and Ballads 15. Don Ch… I KNOW you’re kidding about #17. Isnew_excerpt_more

Pop Muzik / M Factor 12 inch

“B side included on A side, full length disco mix of Pop Musik on Seaside” Pop Muzik — Other Formats Other Formats The UK 12-inch single version was notable for the A-side having a double groove such that the two tracks (“Pop Muzik” and “Mnew_excerpt_more