7 January, 2017 02:29

Gene Booth:
20. Chrome: The Visitation
19. Savoy Motel: S/t
18. Mary Halvorson: Meltframe, Away With You
17. Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker / David Bowie: Blackstar
16. Brad Meldhau Trio: Blues and Ballads
15. Don Ch…
I KNOW you’re kidding about #17. Is this you? Anyway, awesome.

Rian Murphy:
Nah, they’re both pretty incredible records! Despite my general antipathy for both those guys, I gotta admit that listening to these two records provided exceptional listening moments for me this year. It’s not just that they’re well-made records, but that they are perfectly conceived "now you see me – now I’m dead" albums, both of which uphold the singers’ iconic visions powerfully. Plus, for two guys from the heart of the AOR era, after a lifetime of making records designed to be heavy trips taken as a whole, this is perfection. Roger Waters, you are on notice! Respect, but an observation of the essence of this context by putting them together like that.