Beegees and the history of technology: Edison came to stay

Everything’s happening
at the turn of the century
I’m gonna buy myself a time machine go to the turn of the century

Perfect repetition (turn of the century)

Bee Gees tech-no: from Paper Maché Cabbages & Kings, “Paper maché and telegraph poles/things go dead in the night” AND “Jimmy had a bomb and the bomb went bang.”  And, from 855-6019: “there will never be a past or future/if you kill my phone.”  And, from Barker of the UFO: “Collecting aeroplane numbers now, Mr. Barker.” 

It does seem like every one of these manages to contain a machine and a temporal reference.  And the cover of High Civilization (1991) has a bunch of gadgets on it.  And the rest of the Edison verse , lest we forget, goes “He made electric lights to read/He gave us light today/He gave us cylinders to please/When Edison…”