notes for a kreuzberg dj

the production sound of the song is mixed through whatever cramped digital dropbox vortez has been specially inflicted on it. the compression is intentional and the aesthetic is inevitable. the morning is natural not accidental. it’s not inevitable but the morning makes its wild historical break through the radio — for the first time — and thereby reverses or extends the sequence of the sun. more time for us to be awake! that’s why everybody’s so excited!

turn your radio up so you can hear what i’m saying! now you got me turned on!

that’s nighttime by the strangeloves. the night time is what happens WHEN THE WORKING DAY IS DONE cyndi lauper.

record players were partially automated to repeat, to play one side then play it again. people just sit and listen or dance or whatever they do when they’re not working in the daytime.

hip hop is historical and so is rock music. from kool and the gang’s fruitman comes the phrase “the difference,” repeated and repeated again by j dilla. what’s the difference when it’s repeated? it’s repeated like the bass riff in rhyme tyme people repeats (with a difference that tries to evade its inevitability) the unstoppable hollywood swingers (repeated yet again by the big boys in austin.)

who writes the text on records? who writes the texts on m4as? who cuts up the pieces of paper and pastes them to the back of a minutemen record?