Side 2’s

Records where side 2 has been forgotten. The paradigms for this are Glass Houses [3-10-80] (Joel put all the singles on side 1 and the chaff at the rear), shockingly, 2112 [4-1-76] (think about it — even though Tears may be one of their all-time greatest numbers, do you know anything after the one about Bangkok?), and of course, Yellow Submarine [11-13-68], with the “5th Beatle” effectively erasing an entire half hour from the Beatles’ discography.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida [6-14-68], Meddle [10-31-71], and Thick As A Brick [3-21-72], long form songs overshadow and dominate (or in Tull’s case, peter out by) the second side
Too Much Too Soon [5-10-74]
Stranger in Town [5-5-78], despite the presence of “We’ve Got Tonight”
Marquee Moon [2-8-77]
First Peter Gabriel [2-25-77]
Heroes [10-14-77]
First B-52s [7-6-79]
The Wall [11-30-79]
Moving Pictures [2-12-81], side 1 definitely dominates
Reckoning [4-9-84]
Unforgettable Fire [10-1-84]
New Day Rising [1-31-85]
Joshua Tree [3-9-87]
Ten [8-27-91]

Thx to Rian Thomas Murphy, Paul Mertens and Ben Sutherland for extensive help with this one.